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Established in 1981 in Munich, Germany, you’ll find KARE stores all over the world today. With an incomparable variety of furniture, lights and home accessories, KARE inspires and surprises interior design fans, customers and trading partners every collection anew.

Trending now: Collection Concertina Colore

A symphony in colors! Concertina is a collection from the hands of Danish designer Morten Georgsen in cooperation with KARE. Simple but full of character is his design philosophy. In this collection, the designer surrounds the vibrant, colorful fronts with a simple, straightforward frame. In this way, the design draws all eyes to the fireworks of colors and shapes. Also available in natural.

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The perfect frame for every room. 

The perfect frame for every room. Framed pictures, prints or affordable unique pieces enrich every home - whether in the bedroom, office, hallway or living room. Wall pictures round off the room concept, give free space to let your mind wander or stimulate your imagination with their worlds of colour.

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