Numero articolo: 80635

Letto Desire 160x200cm velluto grigio argento

Inner Unit: 1 pezzi

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Desire is a collection of upholstered furniture inspired by the look of the legendary Chesterfield style, enhanced with modern colours and young elements. Whether as a bed, sofa, stool or armchair: their bold shapes, high level of comfort and loving attention to detail make these pieces real interior design favourites! The slatted frame and mattress for the bed are available separately in the shop
  • This silver-grey upholstered bed with a velvety cover, also in silver-grey, elaborate button stitching and neo-baroque feet in solid beech is really luxurious
  • For pleasant dreams: a comfortably upholstered headboard and the generous dimensions of the 160 x 200 cm reclining area
  • Royal is the new normal: an upgrade in the bedroom, because the bed is made for much more than sleeping!
  • A refined velvet look: the grey fabric cover shimmers light and dark, depending on how the light falls on it
  • The slatted frame and mattress for the bed are available separately in the shop
Dimensioni/ Peso (senza imballaggio)
Altezza 100 cm
Larghezza 177 cm
Profondità 228 cm
Peso 50 kg
Volume (imballato) 1,03  m³
Informazioni sul prodotto
Camera: Camera da letto
Colore: Argento, Grigio
Details: resistente alla luce, resistenza all'abrasione, smontato, solidità allo sfregamento, test della pillola
Catalogo di stampa: cremagliera: abete legno vergine, piede / base: faggio legno vergine, copertina: 100 %, rivestimento: 25 kg/m³, consegna, : 100000 Martindale, : 4, : 4, : 4
Serie: Desire
Speciali: In magazzino
Stagione: Saison2016-1
Tendenze: Elegance
Tendenze 2: Metropolis
Calendario di marketing: Marzo

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