N° d'article : 79716

Porte-parapluies Umbrella

Inner Unit: 1 pièces

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Singing in the rain - With the Umbrella umbrella stand you have every reason to get in a good mood even in rainy weather. The design is so charming and encouraging that it simply gets together with coatracks and dressing rooms and fits in as a matter of course. In an elegant silver look, the motif is always a welcome helper and fits perfectly with other refinements made of glass, metal or mirrors. Several umbrellas can be accommodated in the openings and can enjoy the attractive setting until their next use.
Dimensions/ poids (sans emballage)
Hauteur 100 cm
Largeur 32 cm
Profondeur 32 cm
Poids 7.2 kg
Volume (emballé) 0,07  m³
Informations sur le produit
Couleur: Couleur argent
Pièce: Entrée
Speciaux: En stock, PRIMA
Tendances: Elegance
Tendances 2: Metropolis
Calendrier marketing: Novembre

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