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Figurine décorative Abstract Love 50cm

Inner Unit: 1 pièces

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It’s the decoration that makes a home really cosy, because it tells you a lot about the people who live there and makes furnishing a little more fun every day. Just like this decorative sculpture of a couple, which is handmade in the style of the famous Giacometti figures.
  • Love you! A large, abstract decorative sculpture made of robust artificial stone on an elegant base of real marble and painted by hand
  • Perhaps the most elegant way of declaring your love and an exclusive gift idea for family and best friends
  • A decorative figure with lovers - the message of this couple is all about love and friendship
  • Like a bronze object, the colour varies from gold to brass to a dark brown patina
  • Each Love sculpture is handmade and therefore a unique, high-quality piece. Slight deviations from the illustration are possible
Dimensions/ poids (sans emballage)
Hauteur 50 cm
Largeur 20 cm
Profondeur 15 cm
Poids 1.9 kg
Volume (emballé) 0,08  m³
Informations sur le produit
Couleur: Doré, Noir
Details: chaque pièce est unique, fabriqué à la main, socle
Catalogue imprimé: objet: polyrésine, 15 x 15 x 1,50 cm socle, fabriqué à la main, chaque pièce est unique
Speciaux: En stock, US-Fit
Série: Couple
Tendances: Elegance
Tendances 2: Elegant Wood
Topic: Christmas, Valentines Day
Calendrier marketing: Février, Juin

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