N° d'article : 79217

Buffet Duld Range

Inner Unit: 1 pièces

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For individualists -When it comes to classical wooden furniture the Duld Range series occupies a special position thanks to its original design and creative individualism. Distinctive and a little eccentric in design, with its successful mix of styles, forms and materials it guarantees an appearance which is fascinating from any angle. At the same time, thanks to the warm and natural look of the wood the design never looks removed from reality.<br/><br/>This sideboard seems to tell stories because it looks as though it had been put together by accident from all sorts of different elements. No section is the same as any other. Every door and every handle is designed individually.. Even the feet have different shapes. The faded and worn-looking colours carry the traces of the various layers of paint with which the wood was once covered. As a result we are dealing here with a sideboard which is full of charisma and character. The Duld Range sideboard is the ideal choice for lovers of furniture with an original and unconventional design.
Dimensions/ poids (sans emballage)
Hauteur 85 cm
Largeur 180 cm
Profondeur 40 cm
Poids 65 kg
Volume (emballé) 0,62  m³
Informations sur le produit
Couleur: Marron, Naturel
Pièce: Chambre à coucher, Salle à manger, Salon
Speciaux: Deals, En stock, US-Fit
Série: Duld Range
Tendances: Cosy Living
Tendances 2: Cigar Lounge, Industrial Loft

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